Jorrox Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is the only comprehensively professional Chinese provider focusing on building surface stone imitation system and solution, whose products are mainly the high-grade lacquer and multicolor coating, setting research and development, production, sales, design, construction as a whole, located in the emerging coatings R & D and production base — Changzhou city in China. The whole series of products, excellent quality, cost-effective solutions, efficient professional services, successful case of 25,000,000 square meters of coating, make Jorrox not only successfully selected in purchasing directory for more than 227 real estate companies in China, but also become the brand of highest rate specified directly by Party A in the industry as a whole, thus establishing the leading position in the whole industry.

Jorrox defined the stone coating as the mainstream and the dominant of future wall decoration engineering. Today after 12 years, Jorrox not only becomes synonymous with stone coating, but also becomes the national brand with the most development potential in Chinese architectural coatings industry with annual sales up to 40 million dollars.


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